Tuesday, August 23, 2016


There is nothing to eat in the house.
Three lemons and a grapefruit in the frig.
That's not going to do it.

Oh, wait, what is this yogurt container on the top shelf behind the blender?
Oh, great. I'd forgotten about this. The nuts in a shell my neighbor Gratzinia so thoughtfully brought as a gift for Christmas last year. The walnuts and pecans are long gone but there is at least a pound of Brazil nuts and filberts.
But that was such along time ago. Almost a year. They are probably not any good now. All dried out and rotten. No.. they are good. Just as fresh as if they had been picked from the tree this morning.
What amazing technology. To stay safe and sound like that just inside a little shell. Nothing could harm them.
Now I feel badly. They were waiting all this time that maybe they would become a tree. And instead a big animal has come and broken open their safety shells and is eating them.
Dear Lord Krishna, I wish I didn't have to do these things. Please accept my offering. I thought I could find happiness by trying to enjoy Your external energy.

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