Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Krishna is unlimited. How is it possible to completely describe the unlimited.? It is not. But we can say something about what He has revealed of Himself to His Pure Devotees.

He is personally present in His Holy Names.
Chanting His Holy Names received from His Pure Devotee reveals an unlimited ocean ....a beginningless never ending spiritual world.

We see how vast the material world is.. With it's uncountable forms and activities. We hear from Krishna's Pure Devotee that there is a spiritual world even more vast with unlimited shapes and forms and activities, planets and societies. We hear from the Pure Devotee some of the activities there that have been enacted in this universe and on this planet during Krishna's incarnations.

May that Supreme Personality of Godhead be pleased with us and accept us into His transcendental devotional service. May the purpose of our human lives become perfect.


  1. Lord resides in Name is a great statement.Early we believe more time we time we can contemplate on His form

  2. +Meena devi dasi You have written some very appropriate words here that when spoken aloud ring with the vibration of truth. Om tat sat.