Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Dear Lord Krishna,
I know that my present situation will change at some point. Nothing in the material world lasts for forever. This is a good situation for me. I am so very grateful. I have solitude and everything I need. And am free to hear and chant and remember and pray. My offerings are simple and I have opportunity to share something with others. My time is concentrated on You in Your incarnation as the Holy Name and hearing about You from bonafide sources.
I pray to use this time wisely. I do not know what my next situation will be. It may be even better facility for becoming conscious of my relationship with You or it may be a difficult situation with disturbances. It is up to You. You know what is best for me. But for now let me use this nice situation wisely.
Oh Devakinandana, Mother Devaki was protected by Vasudava when Kamsa wanted to kill her. He thought quickly how to save her.
"Vasudeva thought of his wife as follows : "For the present let me save the life of Devaki, then later on, if there are children, I shall see how to save them." KB 1.1

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