Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Great meeting Travis today. Needing some work on the air conditioning unit. I don't use it much in order to save money. But the vents may never have been cleaned and the last record of service is 2008. When I do turn it on for about an hour in the early evening to cool the building off for the night I get sick.

Travis came to give an estimate for the vent cleaning service. Immediately he expressed interest in meditation and higher consciousness and that brought us to Krishna consciousness. 

An hour and a half later out of his busy schedule and a pocket Gita, a Perfection of Yoga, several Hare Krishna mantras, a little bag full of peanut prasadam and a wonderful exchange of the message of Godhead happened again. He is very good at hearing. And is searching for answers.
He has the Facebook address. Maybe he will come online.
Hare Krishna...

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