Friday, December 23, 2016


It's all about family for the next few weeks. But people aren't used to spending so much time with family and relatives. Usually they are working all day. So four days in one stretch is a lot to be together. A lot of arguments start after the first few days. And they are drinking alcohol... sometimes there is violence or serious car accidents. 

Here's a verse I read this morning to give some perspective...

"Who in human society can be satisfied without hearing sufficient talk of the Lord, whose lotus feet are the sum total of all places of pilgrimage and who is worshiped by great sages and devotees? Such topics can cut off one’s bondage to family affection simply by entering the holes of one’s ears." SB 1.3.11

Notice here the word "bondage to family affection." It doesn't say "family affection" It says "bondage" to family affection. There is a difference. 

It is like money. "Love" of money is the root of all evil. Not money is the root of all evil.
It is a powerful purport. Srila Prabhupada covers everything in one paragraph. Material identification with body as the self extended to other bodies seen as extensions of the body, the working of the three modes of material nature having a firm grip on the conditioned soul bound by this family affection. How even the mode of goodness falls short with it's impersonal realizations of the difference between spirit and matter and its material welfare work in the forms of hospitals, schools and welfare charities. 

Only topics... of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality if Godhead can free one from the bondage of illusory family affection, the grip of the three modes of material nature and the trap of impersonal realization.

Vidura is approaching Maitreya muni. He is requesting to hear only topics concerning Lord Krishna. He is done with topics concerning welfare work and organization of society for gradual upliftment. He wants the juice. He doesn't want to hear anything unless it is directly connected with Lord Krishna. Krishna katha.

"To preach kṛṣṇa-kathā all over the world, as recommended by Lord Caitanya, is the greatest missionary activity, and all sensible men and women of the world may join in this great movement started by Lord Caitanya." SB 1.3.11 purport

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