Friday, December 23, 2016


Great time sitting with my father at dinner in the nursing home. He is feeling a little better and they are reassuring me it is not MRSA.

One woman at our table cannot move, I think she may have had a stroke. She was a school teacher. She can move her eyelids and every now try to say something like, "Thank you." Her attendant was feeding her. 

The attendant was fired up about Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The eternal world beyond this temporary one. Angels. And just could not contain herself in her excitement. Serving others here is preparation for serving the Lord there. She was trying to explain everything from the Bible but none of it made any sense. But we had a great time. Her conclusion, "God really does exist. And He can hear you when you talk to Him." A lot of Hallelujahs. A mini revival.

The other lady at our table also cannot speak. But she is able to feed herself and has a beautiful smile. She was very active in charities.

My father's friend was not there. She was in the hospital. But no one noticed. She was feeling very, very cold and sick. No one knows what is wrong with her. I hope she will be alright. I want to visit her tomorrow. She really brightens my father's day. It is like they have known each other forever. 

I brought little sugarless candies for everyone. 

One of the woman cannot come into the dining room. She curses everyone. and calls everyone foul names.

Another woman continually cries out very loud, "Help. Help. Someone help me."

One of the men is busy planning out business deals, talking to himself.

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