Thursday, December 1, 2016


No fear.
Several of my neighbors are experiencing aging. They came to Florida to retire and have been here for several years. For some their lifetime companion has passed away and they are alone. The children if there are any live far away. They have pets. A dog. A cat. 

One neighbor tried to do too much. Something they would have been able to do easily a few years ago was now too exhausting. They took a long drive to visit friends. But it was too much. So they are feeling tired and confused and depressed. What is happening to me?
And now fearful. Who will take care of me?
Panic is setting in. I see it on their faces.

Another one just had a car accident and is not allowed to drive for three months.
Someone else their wife passed away after a long disabling disease and he is left with the old dog and a life alert pendant in case he falls down.

Another neighbor is in his 90's and his wife is with him. They are both very frail and can hardly walk. The home health care nurse comes two times a week. Their son takes her shopping.
There is fear. I see fear on their faces. Losing control of their lives. Of their finances. Of their health. Losing control.

But where was there ever any real control?
Only the illusion of independence and control.
The devotee is fearless knowing this. 

Let me practice 24 hours to hear and chant and remember the glorious Lord.
Lord Krishna is there. Appearing in so many ways.
Not the least of which are His beautiful Deity forms....
Just to allow us to learn how to approach Him.

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