Friday, December 23, 2016


When I saw his back today it was like a miracle. The huge infected wound on his right shoulder was cleaned out and the swelling was way down. Still some problems with the infections on his lower back but getting better. I was so relieved. 

The nurse was there. I told her, "He's like a cat with nine lives. He comes through things that someone else just wouldn't." 

I was still leaning over him from looking at his back and he was lying there on his side. He glared at me and put his fist in my face.

I thought he was angry at me. I said the wrong stupid thing or something. It bothered me all afternoon. Why did he put his fist in my face. Maybe I shouldn't go to visit tomorrow. I am annoying him. 

Then hours later I realized... he was telling me, "I'm strong."
I cried.

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