Thursday, December 1, 2016


Maya's payment plan...Enjoy now....Pay later.
Whatever you want you can have. No problem.
No matter how disgusting or horrible your desire. No matter how vicious or destructive. No matter how vile. No matter how foolish, sinful, or just plain stupid and wasteful.
But you will have to pay a price.
Karma. You will have to pay with karma.
You will have to go the place where karma is accepted.

In the spiritual world there is no karma. So how will you pay there?
You have to come to the material world. The land of action and reaction and open an account.
Then spend.. spend... spend and pay... pay... pay.
Once you open the account the debt can never be paid off. How will you pay it down? Every action now has a reaction. A price tag. 

What "action" can you take that does not have a reaction?

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