Monday, December 26, 2016


Lord Krishna is not a reluctant nor begrudging father. Not a negligent or abusive father. He is a father that enjoys being a father. And wants to see his children happy.

The question then arises... how can Lord Krishna be the father and also invite everyone to come and engage with Him as "His father" or even as His lover?
Isn't that a little bizarre?

The way Lord Krishna deals with this apparent conflict is by expanding Himself for the specific function.

The fathering function is performed by Him in His expansion as Karanadaksayi Vishnu who lies down in the Causal Ocean and impregnates the conditioned souls into the womb of the material universes. Maya devi being one of His wives. He does this simply by his glance. Lord Krishna is not an ordinary person. He is unlimited and every limb can perform the function of any other part of His body. So his glance is capable of impregnating. No need for sex as we think of it in the materially conditioned state. 

He then expands again as Garbodakasayi Vishnu to fill each and every universe with His Divine Presence. The non-devotee may begin to try to understand His presence as the Universal Form. 

He then expands again as Ksirodakasayi Vishnu to accompany each and every living entity within the heart to act as a personal guide and friend. 

Lord Krishna can be anything and everything. He is everything and anything. He can accommodate any relationship. All He has to do is expand for the specific function. No problem. No effort needed. He just wills it and there it is.

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