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Please try to see that I am not representing anything. I have no position and am not active within ISKCON. I am fully retired practically from all of live :>). I look at things from lots of different angles of vision. I find that is how I can gain perspective. If I post something that makes you uncomfortable... please don't read it!!!!
But these are my personal emotional responses. I'm not trying to prove anything.
Oh "Mahabharata." How you capture your reader!!!
In looking at Yudhisthira:
I have to be honest. I don't like Yudhisthira.
I am trying to understand what it is about him that irritates me so much.
I am nearing the end of the translation I have been reading. The war is over and Yudhisthira is lamenting.
He has found out that Karna was actually his older brother, a secret Kunti devi had kept from her sons.
He becomes so distraught that he curses all women.
"Women will not be able to keep a secret."
It's a funny curse. actually. but that is not the point. The point is that he has given a curse.
When I read that I got a glimpse of what it is about Yudhisthira that I am finding repugnant.
It is his air of self-righteousness.
He is upset that he had killed Karna, his own brother without knowing. But actually he didn't kill Karna, Arjuna did and pretty much in self defence since Karna had vowed to kill Arjuna.
Why is Yudhisthira lashing out like this against all women?
He has done so many really dumb things. No one cursed him.
He sent Arjuna's son Abhimanyu to death by ordering him to lead the charge against the Kurus with insufficient protection.
He was in shock and horror at having to tell a lie. He never lied about anything before. If that isn't a sign of self-righteousness I don't know what is. He had to announce that Asvatthama had been slain so that Drona would lose his desire to fight.
He gambled like a complete fool at the gambling match.. would not stop and lost everything. Putting everyone into harm's way.
Even putting his own wife into an awkward situation.
No one cursed him.
But then again it is understandable....Yudhisthira's self righteousness.
He is the son of Dharmaraja (Yamaraja) whose service is to judge everyone.
Most likely he has inherited it from his father.
Along with that service must certainly come a certain amount of self-righteousness,.
Every job has its occupational hazards..

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