Friday, May 6, 2016


Sometimes I get chills all over when I am looking into the Mahabharata.
For instance... this was a real hair raiser!!!
Bhisma is shot full with Arjuna's arrows
and evidently Shikhandi's also. There is a history to Shikhandi.
In a previous birth Shikhandi was Amba one of three princess
to be betrothed to Bhisma's brother Vichitravirya.
Bhisma won the ladies at their swayamvara for his brother.
It was discovered that Amba had already given herself
in her mind to Salva who tried to retrieve her from Bhisma.
Bhisma did not know about Amba's mental commitment
and he fought and defeated Salva.
Amba's life was ruined.
Vichitravirya would not marry her under the conditions.
Salva would not take her considering her a consolation prize
having been defeated by Bhisma.
And Bhisma could not marry anyone.
Her life was miserable and she developed but one thing
the desire for revenge by killing Bhisma.
In her next life she took birth as the daughter of Draupada
but was banished to the forest for continuing her fixation
on killing Bisma. She was transformed into a male warrior Shikandi.
The sanctity of womanhood cannot be violated without reactions.
Just as the reactions for abusing the cows cannot be avoided.
Bhisma was the foremost stalwart of the old dharma.
He was sworn with a "terrible vow of austerity" for a kshatriya
whose whole life is pure passion. No marriage, no children..
simply sworn allegiance to the old dharma.
Here's where the chills come in..
***Bhisma the embodiment of the old dharma
is shot through and through with the arrows of Arjuna
and Sikhandi, so much so that he is not even touching
the ground but lying on a bed of arrows.***
This is done under the direct supervision of Krishna.
And Bhisma is in ecstasy...
Bhismadeva is a great devotee. A maha bhagavata
and in that condition instructs Yudhisthira on bhagavat dharma.

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