Wednesday, December 30, 2015


What I appreciated most
about the Seventh Day Adventists
aside from the vegetarian diet
is their mood of separation from the Lord and His Pure Representative.

The SDA movement began around 1850? or so.
There was prediction based on the Bible
that Jesus was returning on a specific date.
The predictions seemed verified from the scripture
and quite a commotion began all around the world
among many Christian groups.

When He didn't appear on the specific date
many people lost faith completely.
But some of them concluded
that He was planning to return at that time
but they weren't ready to receive Him.
So in order to prepare to meet Christ
they should "clean up their act."

Their prophet, Ellen White (early 1900's) has written extensively
about all details of life in preparation
to meet the Representative of God.

One of them is to keep the Sabbath on Saturday
and another is to eat no meat fish or eggs.
There are lots more specific instructions.

The teachings are very nice.
She is I guess what you would call the "Founder Acarya.

"Never let a great disappointment go to waste."
She knew the secret of using everything for serving God.

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