Wednesday, April 20, 2016


In our ignorance we cause so much pain
and suffering to the other creatures.
I hit a squirrel. He was able to drag himself
off the street and into the bushes.
His life was difficult enough now it will ever more so difficult.
Why did I have to be someone to cause someone else
to suffer like that.
These cars are so dangerous for everyone.
It is the street where I live.
If there were children playing in the area
there would be a sign
And people would be reminded to slow down.
There are no children playing here.
The little creatures are just like children.
They live here, play here
and they are not very good at crossing the street.
I see now I was driving too fast. I couldn't stop or swerve
and in his panic he ended up running right under the rear wheel.
I heard the thud.
They are children. It is just like I had hit a child.
I was able to cry. So many visions of suffering
flashed before my mind.
Wars, slaughter houses, seas polluted with plastics and oil...
Because we do not see them.
These children in different bodies.

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