Wednesday, April 20, 2016


All this machinery is lower modes. Passion and ignorance.
The forests are mode of goodness. There is a clash..
Most of the technological breakthroughs for industry
have come out of military research.
Interestingly enough, the problems with insecticides,
and pesticides and fertilizers contaminating everything
started right after WWII. The US government
turned all their bomb factories into fertilizer factories.
Ammonium nitrate is used in munitions
and they simply altered it a little to make fertilizer.
On every bag of fertilizer there is a warning...
"caution explosive if wet."
The fertilizer caused animals to not be able to reproduce.
So the US government developed artificial hormones...
they didn't stop the fertilizer just added something else artificial on top of it.
This has gone on for almost 80 years and now
there are millions of artificial this and that.
And the granddaddy of them all... Roundup and GMO's

Follow these 10 steps when confronted with an ammonium nitrate fire

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