Friday, April 8, 2016


Some Aha moments going on here.
It took me a little while to sort things out.
I should have known something was cooking
since I was extremely irritable
Saying Hare Krishna was flat.
I just didn't even want to say Hare Krishna at all.
Then I took a step back, asked myself what is going on here?
A little light came in... a little voice whispered.
"Hare Krishna means please engage me in Your service"
Then the darkness was gone.
I attended a support group for caregivers.
This particular group was terrible.
The organizer gave a presentation
and sucked all the air out of the room.
Stifled everyone. She was “the leader” and it was all about her.
We were all like a TV audience or something.
It was just awful. I had to excuse myself
and step outside for a while.
There’s another support group led by a great guy.
Everyone connects and shares stuff with everyone else.
Completely different experience.
Then I saw it..
There is a new paradigm forming..
Social media is part of it.
Communicating with each other and connecting.
Networking is the wave of the future.
The old paradigm is the hierarchy, or the rungs of the ladder
like in corporate climbing…The pyramid.
Like the support group today. It was the old paradigm.
The education system in the industrialized countries
is the the old paradigm...
The workplaces are the old paradigm.
Lord Chaitanya's movement is the new paradigm.
Hari nam sankirtan is the new paradigm.
Krishna consciousness is the new paradigm.

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