Sunday, January 10, 2016


There is layer of virtual existence
A plane of existence on facebook
A lower virtual planet if you will...
Where all the grumblers live.
As soon as something moves... 
they rally to attack and they grumble
Like my neighbor's dogs.
I am here 3 years but it doesn't matter.
They have no discernment.
As soon as I move even one step
if they're outside the barking starts.
I talk to them. Chant to them.
No matter... I took a step.
Three years and there is no recognition
on their part that I live here.
So these grumblers...
It's always the same.
the same arguments.
The same grumbling.
The barking
Never any glorification of Krishna
Never a mention of a pastime
or a Quality. Never any glorification.
Always finding some "fault" and worse
nasty language about devotees
who have dedicated their lives to serving Krishna.
Always negative.
Always barking.
These people are scum.
Their only taste is for pornography of the soul.
They want to put foul nasty things on a place of sacrifice.
Smear foul things all over Srila Prabhupada
and the devotees.
They are demons.
Vedic instruction is their tongues should be cut out.
As soon as I spot one.... it's an immediate block.
They can rot in hell with my blessings.
But Krishna is more kind
Since they are somehow approaching His movement
He will give them liberation in the brahmajyoti.
Milk and bananas given to a snake
simply increases their venom.

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