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Discussion on guru tattva #9

The typical ritvik stance:
Devotee comment:
Henceforward is defined as from a certain time on without cessation. It's simple for the simple and complicated for the complicated.
When Satsvarupa Maharaja asked Srila Prabhupada on May 28th 1977 how initiations would go on after his departure Srila Prabhupada replied that he would appoint officiating Acharya's, Ritvik representatives.
It's clear to me who was there and heard it myself.
Others who want to accept their own disciples can do so in their own temples.
For ISKCON he ordered the Ritvik Initiation System 'Henceforward!'
From then on without cessation. AGTSP!
Who lives on and his followers live with him.

Meena Devi Dasi:
 Henceforward depends on the circumstance which prompted the order. "Hence" in this case was dependent upon Srila Prabhupada's ill health.
Since my health is too poor,
Hence (which also means "therefore"...) the order for ritvik initiations.
Once the original condition is no longer there,
as in the case of Srila Prabhupada's disappearance...
obviously it is not a matter of ill health any more...
He actually disappeared...
then the "hence" no longer is valid.

Henceforward does not mean forever...
It means for an indeterminate amount of time.
The amount of time being determined by Srila Prabhupada's ill health.
If He were to have recuperated,
that henceforward order could have been rescinded.

The system is the disciples become the gurus
when the spiritual master leaves.
This is determined by qualification, not by appointment.

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