Friday, November 11, 2016


Weird mood today. I'm thinking of all sorts of party games. Like the ones we used to play when we were traveling together as a group on "oil painting sankirtan." Go around the group and taking the letters of the alphabet each person has to come up with something Krishna conscious using their letter. A..Arjuna... next person B... Balaram... C Chaitanya D...devotee, and so on until someone could not think of something for their letter that had not already been said. Great for long drives.

Another one, one word linking to another somehow related to Krishna consciousness...taking turns... Hair... black.. cloud... rain... flood... saved... liberated... bhakti...

One we played when there was a lake or swimming pool where we could dive in... was to take turns standing on the edge of the water and pose as an incarnation of Lord Krishna or depict a pastime... and everyone else had to guess... When they got it right the person had to dive in. Like the incarnation diving into the material world.

I just thought of another one...based on "pin the tail on the donkey..". sorry Krishna.. it's just a game.. A large picture of Lord Krishna on the wall. Each person takes a turn trying to pin the peacock feather in His crown. They get blindfolded and spun around and around. There's a piece of blue tack on the feather. The one who gets the feather closest to the right place on His crown gets a laddu. He'll probably get a feather or two in some odd places though. This one really just should be for aspiring pujaris.

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