Friday, November 18, 2016


How can we do anything if we are not passionate about it? How can we be happy without being passionate. How can we experience love if we are not passionate?

Spiritual passion is different from material passion. We have to become passionate for Krishna consciousness. Engage in service, some service, whatever it is, with passion.

Definition of passion: strong and barely controllable emotion.

We can act from a platform of service without passion but only for so long. We will be tested. Mundane performance of service? What for? What is there to gain? A test will come. We have to weigh and measure. What will I gain and what will I lose if I do this simply as a matter of duty? We won't be able to unless we can offer that sense of duty into the fire of passion. Performing our service passionately for Lord Krishna.

This was Arjuna's dilemma. Lord Krishna ignited the fire of passion for performing his duty for Him. It was not simply, "You must do your duty!" It was, "Become passionate about performing your duty for Me. Then you will be happy no matter what the outcome."

The spiritual master ignites the passion.

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