Friday, November 18, 2016


"Hey everybody. I've got a new blah blah."

Ah...The pleasure and distraction of newness.
We all know how it works and have experienced it a zillion countless times for lifetimes. But guess what. We forget. We even think this is the way things have to be. There isn't anything else.

The newness only lasts for a little while, in the beginning, spawned by the mode of passion which after a while morphs into hum drum (maintaining) and then eventually yech! It gets really, really old, as the saying goes!

I know someone whose life fits the playbook perfectly. But that is just about the case with everyone.

Here's their script:
Marry. Get going great guns. The world is ours to conquer and enjoy.
Then the children are a disappointment. They have a mind and will of their own and it doesn't coincide with theirs.
The husband develops heart disease and is gone.
It was new and exciting in the beginning, lasted for some time and now it is ended.

The person becomes thoughtful and somewhat introspective. But then..Hey! They have an idea for a new situation.
Newness. Rebirth in a new situation.

They wait for the chance to go for it, their new dream. The opportunity comes and they jump into their new external skin. The new situation. And now they are going great guns again. Who needs introspection... Enjoy the wildness of the newness.

Until of course they realize nothing has really changed and the new situation isn't new anymore and it becomes hum drum and "Hey! Haven't we been here before?"

It gets really, really old...

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