Friday, November 11, 2016


According to which side you listen to the other side is an out and demon straight out of Hell anti Christ lowest of the low deepest darkest storehouse of every possible vile atrocity..
Maybe this is going overboard just a bit?

Csepko Miroslav Wikileaks, after going through the 65,000 emails found on Hilary Clinton's ISIS linked secretary's computer - they found evidence in email form, of the Clintons visiting Satanic rituals, satanic dinner parties involving drinking blood, semen, orgies with kids, murder sacrifice of children... their intention is to destroy everything that is pure in the world, they worship Baphomet... for a Christian nation to support a known devil worshipper like his is beyond me.... DO NOT BELIEVE what you watch on TV, do your research before you vote, believe and support. Read Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brian available on - she survived the Clinton's rape, torture and abuse after years of satanic ritual abuse - be informed.
Meena Devi Dasi Yes. You are right do not believe everything you read or see. Question everything. It's funny but neither Hillary nor Bill nor Chelsea look especially demonic. Bill is a Vegan I believe. Just saying... We love to have a demon to fight. An enemy to blame everything on. Nothing like a good old punching bag...

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