Saturday, February 18, 2017


In this verse Maitreya muni is answering Vidura's plea for him to speak about Lord Krishna. Here Maitreya is relating prayers the demigods offer to the Lord.
"O great Supreme Lord, offensive persons whose internal vision has been too affected by external materialistic activities cannot see Your lotus feet, but they are seen by Your pure devotees, whose one and only aim is to transcendentally enjoy Your activities." SB 3.5.45 

Srila Prabhupada discusses in the purport who these offenders are. The out and out materialist who denies the existence of God is one class of offenders. "I am everything." 

Another class of offender is the mayavadi who does not distinguish between the soul and the supersoul. They go through painstaking processes of realization with the goal of becoming one with the Supreme Being. Merging. All individuality gone. Theirs as well as the Lord's. 

Srila Prabhupada gives the illustration of the sky and the stars reflected in a body of water. In the reflection on the water it appears they are on the same level. The sky and the stars. But the actual sky and stars are uniquely different. They have their individual identities. 

The impersonalist cannot distinguish who is a devotee. Absorbed externally they kill the internal vision. 

"Offenders have to wait until they receive the mercy of devotees, and then they can become eligible to see the lotus feet of the Lord within themselves. But due to their offenses and their extreme materialism, they cannot see even the devotees of the Lord. Engaged in external activities, they kill the internal vision." SB 3.5.45 purport

Srila Prabhupada reveals the extra ordinarily merciful nature of the pure devotee. 

"The Lord’s devotees, however, do not mind the offenses of the foolish in their many gross and subtle bodily endeavors. The Lord’s devotees continue to bestow the blessings of devotion upon all such offenders without hesitation. That is the nature of devotees." SB 3.5.45 purport

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