Saturday, February 18, 2017


Card playing is very popular among senior communities. But this division of the nursing home is way beyond card playing. Way beyond. Just getting the basic functions of existence under control is a major effort. The care is very good in many ways.

It's funny to see how everyone is dressed like they always dressed. The dining room is like a restaurant. If they were 30 or 40 they would be doing these same things. But now they are like skeletons and emaciated, insane people being dragged through the same activities they did on their own. 

Some of them have to be hand-fed meat by someone else that they willing ate by themselves before. So now there is no choice. Someone else is forcing it into their mouth. Some of them don't want to eat at all and have to be coaxed and coaxed to open their mouths so they can put the meat in it. 

From this scene I am reminded that everything is based on desire not "abilities." That is why we have to purify our desires.

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