Saturday, February 18, 2017


The demigods are devotees of the Lord. Persons who perform all sorts of pious activities and worship the Lord, perform sacrifices and austerities can go to the heavenly planets. There is no old age, no disease and the life span is very very long... thousands of years. 

There in the heavenly planets the sense gratification is beyond anything we can even imagine. Total and complete sense gratification. Sex indulgence as much as anyone could possibly desire, intoxication with powerful mixtures undoubtedly there are games and competitions and what is eaten is so delectable as to completely satisfy the sense of taste. But they are not demons. They are servants of the Lord for managerial affairs of the universe. The sun department, the rain department, the wind department, the water department. There are millions of demigods each in charge of something. There is even a demigod in charge of the blinking of eyelids.

So it is possible to become sidetracked. On the way back home, back to Godhead many will want to stop off in the heavenly planets. Don't want to miss anything, do we! But it is the material world. It is not the spiritual world and there is death eventually. No old age... No disease... but there is death. It does come to an end. Then what? Back down to earthly planet to try to build up pious credits again for a return to the heavenly regions. 

Godhead is something else. Godhead is not material has nothing to do with the material creation at all. The pleasures in the spiritual world are not material. For entrance to the spiritual planets there cannot be any material desires. Not everyone is going to the spiritual world. At least not right away.

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