Wednesday, March 2, 2016


My very first job for summer junior year high school.
My father had a friend who ran a pharmacy
in the small town where we lived and talked him into hiring me
for the front counter... candy, newspapers, cough drops, etc

The delivery boy was the high school rowdy.
Tough kid, stayed back a few grades, older and bigger
than everyone else and mean.
He would hide in the stock room out back
and when I had to go there to restock an item
he would spring out at me, pin me against the wall
and choked me to within an inch of my life. It was terrifying.
I couldn't breath at all. He would laugh.
I told my boss but he didn't seem interested.
Too busy. This went on all summer. It was miserable.
One day in the fall I saw headlines in the town paper....
this boy had been decapitated when he was out joy riding
drunk with friends in a convertible and had stood up long enough
to connect with a low tree limb...
Tell me there isn't Krishna...

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