Saturday, February 6, 2016


We can only act on the outside
What we are thinking, feeling and willing (desiring) on the inside.

Our basic desire is for pleasure.
When we desire to surrender to the guidance
of a bonafide spiritual master who is a representative
of the Reservoir of Pleasure, Sri Krishna,
they guide our actions on the outside with rules , regulations
and practical (practice) acts of devotional service
while transmitting messages of Godhead that revives our original consciousness.
Krishna consciousness. The Lord within the heart. The source of everything.

A taste develops that is far superior to anything
derived from contact with the material energy.
The spirit soul then is like an appliance that is plugged in.

In the contaminated state of consciousness ...identification with material nature...
there is a planned depreciation aspect.
The material form that has been produced from
identifying with the material energy wears out.

But the conscious entity that is receiving messages of Godhead does not.
Freed from the identification with the material form as the self
and relishing messages of Godhead the spirit soul does not take another material form.
His thinking feeling and willing now
with no trace of non devotion (desire for material contact)
His guidance coming from within.
He takes an eternal form according to his purified spiritual desires.

It is a great science but it must be received
through the chain of disciplic succession
from a bonafide Representative of Sri Krishna, the Reservoir of Pleasure,
in order to be successfully plugged in.

For someone like me it is more like a series of spiritual shock treatments.

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