Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Dear mind I now accept you as my disciple. You are my servant so I want to give you a name. Not just call you "mind." You can be known by many names, but I especially want to address you as "Meena seva" since the name given to me by my spiritual master is Meena devi dasi and Meena seva is an appellate, a command and is your very nature.

So now it is official. You are a recognized disciple and I am your teacher. We shall have a great celebration. Chanting Hare Krishna, dancing and feasting. It is customary that the newly initiated disciple gather daskhin (an offering for their teacher). You don’t know what to offer? During the course of the day there will be opportunity to find something special to offer to me. Perhaps some hidden treasure in a Bhagavatam verse or an opening in a conversation that reveals some gems.

I have been accepting your service for a very long time. You have been doing very well. But by this initiation it will give you the strength to reject some bad association you have been allured to from time to time. It will help you to remain fixed and not be tempted to meander as you have been accustomed to for many lifetimes. So it is now official. You are a recognized disciple.

I have another disciple "intelligence" who has been serving very nicely also and is in line for initiation too. Now the two of you working together will be a great boon for our mission of going back home back to Godhead. I am holding the two of you personally responsible for our mission. The senses are depending on you. Please know I love you both. You are part of me. We are eternally together. Now we are on the path back home back to Godhead. We are so very, very fortunate.

Now that you have a name, Meena seva, I want to see you. I am hearing you but I want to see you. What is your form? I see your form is much like the form I see in the mirror only your form is a subtle form. And I also see that you can take any form according to my desire. It is not that you are formless, although you can do that too if I desire. So for now this subtle form is much like my gross form.

I asked you to serve me by remembering Krishna. It was easy for you. First you showed me Mahavishnu lying in the causal ocean, then the planetary systems on the stem of the lotus emanating from His naval and then Lord Brahma sitting on top of the lotus. It was wonderful. Thank you. 

But then I asked you to take me to Krishna in Vrnadavan. You balked. You became embarrassed and couldn't do it. That's alright. There is more to do to prepare for that. 

We will work together more closely now....


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