Saturday, February 8, 2014


     Today I went to the flea market. A man was there with his home-grown green coconuts, sugar cane and green bananas. It was great fun at his booth. Lots of people were there laughing and joking and arguing prices. He was very busy stripping the sugar cane for his customers like me.
     His sugar cane seemed especially sweet. He gave me way too much for what I paid. He was so joyful to be serving. He glowed. My eyes teared up a little when I tasted his sugar cane. I remembered the pastime of child Krishna and the fruit vendor in Tenth Canto Bhagavatam. Also the pastime of Krishna Chaitanya with the banana leaf man.

     It is a gradual process. We have been conditioned in the material world for a very, very long time. We tend to try to analyze with our minds, but at some point the heart opens up and we understand things another way.

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