Friday, January 24, 2014


Every minute I have with You
I'm so fortunate.

Between the pushing and the pulling
there is a space.
I only want to live there with You.
More and more I only want
to be with You.

Like a passing parade
the noise and commotion
passes us by
and I am with You.

The parades are coming and going
with bands and marching,
shouts and causes...
I only want to be with You...

We can watch the parades together
No marching, shouting or causes for us.
I love You that is enough.

They will come and go
encircling, enlisting,
but not for us.
We are done.

Leave me if You want
but I will not march.
I will only cry for You.

No more parades.
No more marching bands.
Only the sweet singing in my heart.
Love song for two.

Radha Krishna, my teachers...

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